We install
and maintain commercial and industrial laundry solutions

Providing local service from design,
to installation, to ongoing service.

Exclusive Distributor for PRIMUS in Queensland

Industries we help

Hotels and Motels


Caravan Parks

Backpackers and Share Houses


Health and
Aged Care

The Machines


Commercial and industrial machines to keep you washing for longer.


Dryers with the performance you need to keep up with your customers expectations.

Finishing Equipment

Ironers and folders that put the finishing touch on your service.

Brands we Sell

Our Service

Our service works by listening to your needs and designing a solution to ensure it works for your staff, company, customers and your bottom line.


Laundry Design

Our LaundryWise Six Step design process ensures we match your needs with the right machines and ongoing service.



On-time installation that meets the highest industry stands. We’re on-hand always and can conduct onsite training to ensure everyone feels like an expert.



We fix 80% of our clients’ machines on the first service call and within 24 hours – and that’s a percentage we’re constantly finding ways to increase.

Brands we Service


Our LaundryWise Six Step
Design Process explained

Getting you the right machines, every time!

Dear Business Owner,

Commercial laundry solutions don’t have to be time-consuming, bottom-line breaking or require constant maintenance.

We’re not trying to make commercial laundry solutions glamorous – they just don’t need to be. But they CAN be attractive, easy-to-use, simple to maintain, and create efficiencies within your company – time, money and sanity.

You need a commercial laundry that works for your business goals and that’s what we’re here to achieve.

If you’re a small business owner with a guest laundry, we can tailor a solution that focuses on customer experience and solutions that work for your budget (we’ve got 1000 machines in the wild currently). If you are needing a larger in-house laundry operation, we’ll work on getting the best bang for your bottom line buck and a long term return on investment.

It’s that easy when you stick to our ethos – go local and go with people who want to understand your business. That’s how we’ve delivered impressive laundry solutions across our home state of Queensland for over 2 decades. We’re here to meet your business objectives and we’re just around the corner for all of your on-site needs.

So that’s it. Transparent communication. Effective design. Long-term return on investment that meets what your business needs.

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